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Ook werken bij BridgeFund?
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Attitude over experience 

First things first: due to our growth and endless ambitions, we need QA Engineers, DevOps Engineers, and NodeJS Software Engineers. Did you already check our vacancies and are you scared that you have a little less experience than required? Don’t worry! We can always teach you what you need (or want) to learn. Your tech skills and experience are important, of course. But at BridgeFund, we value your personality and attitude much more. Positive-minded and smart-thinking achievers who speak their minds and are passionate about their job. Those are our kind of people!

We are very open, transparent, and always looking for new ideas to challenge and improve the way we do things. If you have strong opinions on tech, based on sound thinking and experience, we would love to have you here. Good to know: it’s important you can handle a little bit of music during work hours. Especially when Ralph is the DJ. On Fridays, he likes to turn the office into a techno bunker 🤪.

What will you be working with?

Here at BridgeFund we love working with the latest but proven technologies and are not afraid to dive into the world of micro-frontends, micro-services and Kubernetes containers. We believe in a YBIYRI culture and since we’re a scale-up we don’t get scared of doing DevOps, development and QA ourselves when needed.

Sri Lanka meets the Dutch culture…
Sri Lanka meets the Dutch culture…

Meet the team! 

Our IT team consists of various people who are fun, cool, easygoing, playful, and wise. Everyone has their own skills and can teach you mucho mas about tech. Jeroen (CTO), for instance, has tons of experience rolling out tech strategies for Tweakers and many other companies at DPG Media. Curious about his story? Check it out! One thing is certain: he can teach you a lot about tech.

Luckily, everyone on team tech not only has amazing tech skills but can also teach you much more than that. From yoga master to tuk-tuk driver, we’ve got it all. Maybe you’re seeking to be a better chef? Ask Maarten; he knows the most delicious recipes. Do you, for any particular reason (or not), need survival tips? With all the wildlife Josh experienced while growing up in Australia, we can now call him a survival expert. Oh, and beware of Jeroen’s competitiveness; he goes all-in with everything he does. Table tennis, Mario Kart, squash… Try to beat him!

… and of course, we met the Sri Lankan culture
… and of course, we met the Sri Lankan culture

What can we learn from you?

We could tell you on and on about what you can learn from us. But let’s be honest, it’s more fun to experience it yourself. Besides, we’re much more curious about what we can learn from you. Tech-related or not, we would love to know your ordinary skill!

Still excited? Check out our vacancies and apply! 👇

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