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Waarom bij BridgeFund?
  • Een plek waar jij je thuis voelt en jezelf kan zijn
  • Volg trainingen en opleidingen
  • Successen vieren we samen
  • Funky kantoor in Amsterdam
  • Bij ons geen hokjes of systeemplafonds
Solliciteren zonder gedoe
  • Verstuur je sollicitatie naar ons
  • We nodigen een selectie uit voor een eerste gesprek
  • Hier komt bijvoorbeeld nog een stap
Ik wil solliciteren


As a Solutions Architect, you’ll be at the forefront of guiding BridgeFund through current challenges and future visions. Your role is vital, requiring a strategic mix of technical expertise, leadership, and forward-thinking. Your responsibilities include aligning solutions with business objectives, improving system integration, tackling technical debt and legacy issues, implementing robust security measures, ensuring compliance with regulations, nurturing innovation, fostering a culture of continuous learning, and delivering projects with excellence.

What can you expect to dive into?

Working with moderation with CRM system, architecting a solution for existing and future CRM system and its dependencies. All responsibilities directly impact BridgeFund’s business, focusing on fortifying the foundations of our FinTech operations. There are abundant opportunities for engagement with various business stakeholders, including the CTO, management team, and technical stakeholders like developers, engineers, and the data team. This role offers the chance to evolve and contribute to the modernization of our tech stack, including transitioning from legacy services. Acting as the bridge between business and technology, close collaboration with project managers is key, translating technical requirements into understandable terms for the business.

We will give you

A fun, challenging position with an ambitious FinTech scale-up in a rapidly growing environment. As a result, no day is the same. You get a lot of freedom and responsibility. This allows you to develop quickly and make a real impact in the organization.

  • You will receive 26 vacation days; enough time to recharge every now and then.

  • A good salary between depending on your experiences.

  • Your pension is well arranged at ASR, +4% on your gross salary.

  • You get €0.21 per kilometer travel allowance, even if you come by bike.

  • Uber(Eats), ClassPass or Felyx credit? Compose your own fringe benefits with €40 YourCampus credit per month.

  • Your development is super important to us. That’s why we have both trainings tailored to people individually and trainings for the whole team.

  • Super funky office in Amsterdam, near Amstel Station. No cubicles or ceilings.

  • Party and sail on the BridgeFund boat. Bring your friends? Great fun!

  • Every quarter we throw the coolest parties and get-togethers. We celebrate successes together.

  • On winter sports or partying in Berlin. You don’t want to miss our fully paid trips abroad.

  • Lunch every day. On Fridays, place your order with us for sandwiches, soup and salad. On Mondays, we have Meatless Monday.

  • A good permanent workplace. We give you a MacBook and two screens. We also have standing desks.

  • A place where you feel at home and everyone can be themselves.

Our culture

What makes BridgeFund unique is our culture. This is also one of the main reasons why we are growing so fast. We share the same mindset. We are a close-knit team of driven, ambitious people who want to turn the financial world upside down. We are true entrepreneurs. And you’ll notice that in our workplace. We work hard, but also celebrate our successes together. We find hierarchy a difficult word and we only do top-down when we go skiing together. We ask critical questions, give honest feedback and are not afraid to fail once in a while, because failure means learning and learning means growing.

Ik wil solliciteren

Op pad met BridgeFund

What we're looking for?

  • Architectural Design and Strategy: Ability to develop and maintain high-level architectural guidelines and strategies that align with business goals and technological needs.

  • Technical Proficiency: Strong foundation in software development, including experience with full-stack technologies , microservices architecture, and API design.

  • System Integration: Skills in integrating disparate systems, services, APIs, and data sources to ensure seamless operation and data flow across the organization.

  • Security and Compliance: Knowledge of security best practices, risk management strategies, and familiarity with financial industry regulations (e.g., GDPR, PSD2) to ensure solutions are secure and compliant.

  • Problem-Solving: Exceptional analytical and problem-solving abilities to tackle technical challenges, reduce technical debt, and modernize legacy systems effectively.

  • Project Management: Proficiency in project management methodologies and tools to ensure projects are delivered on time, within budget, and meet or exceed quality standards.

  • Communication and Collaboration: Excellent verbal and written communication skills, with the ability to work collaboratively across teams and with stakeholders at all levels.

  • Leadership and Mentoring: Leadership skills to guide and mentor engineering teams, encouraging professional growth, skill development, and a culture of excellence.

Your experience and qualifications

  • Fintech Industry Understanding: Possessing a thorough grasp of the financial services sector, including its prevailing trends, challenges, and opportunities. This encompasses an appreciation of fintech's pivotal role in driving digital transformation, enhancing customer experiences, and promoting financial inclusion.
  • Minimum of 4 years experience as a Solution Architect
  • Software Architecture Principles: Demonstrating an intricate understanding of software architecture design, encompassing various patterns such as microservices and serverless architecture. Proficiency extends to utilizing frameworks that facilitate the construction of scalable, reliable, and secure systems.
  • Design and Implementation of Large-Scale Systems: Hands-on experience in designing, implementing, and managing large-scale, complex systems, particularly those involving CRM and loan management functionalities.
  • Understanding of cybersecurity principles, risk management strategies, and best practices to protect systems and data from threats.


As our Technical Visionary, you lead the way to the future by shaping a scalable and flexible technical infrastructure, enabling growth and innovation. As a Solution Architect, you design high-quality solutions for our core systems, ensuring timely and budgeted delivery. You act as the bridge between business and technology, ensuring technical solutions seamlessly align with business objectives and impress customers. As an Integration Expert, you design seamless systems that connect all aspects, enhancing operations and customer experience. As a Security Champion, you implement robust measures to protect data and maintain a secure environment. Leading modernization efforts, you tackle technical debt and modernize systems for streamlined operations and growth. As a Compliance Guardian, you ensure regulatory compliance to protect operations and reputation.

Ik wil solliciteren
Hoe het werkt?

Solliciteren zonder gedoe

Wij maken solliciteren voor jou graag zo makkelijk mogelijk! We streven er zelfs naar het sollicitatieproces in twee weken af te ronden. Zo werkt ’t.

Stap 1

Stuur je sollicitatie

Stuur ons je cv op, optioneel met motivatie, dan kunnen we inschatten zien of we een goede match zijn voor elkaar

Stap 2

Eerste gesprek

Je CV wordt gecheckt. Zien we een match? Dan word jij uitgenodigd voor een eerste gesprek. Daarin ontdekken we graag wie jij bent, waarom de functie goed bij je past en wat we van jou kunnen leren. Dat gesprek doen we telefonisch, net zo makkelijk. Jij kunt de afspraak zelf inplannen, wanneer het jou uitkomt.

Stap 3

Tweede gesprek

Pas jij bij de rol? Dan nodigen we je uit op kantoor. Daar heb je eerst een informeel koffiemoment met een van je toekomstige collega’s en daarna ga je in gesprek met je hiring manager en iemand uit het team.

Ben jij aangenomen? Dan start je de eerste maandag van de maand met jouw onboarding. We vinden het belangrijk dat je goed begrijpt hoe BridgeFund precies werkt en je leert meteen je nieuwe collega's goed kennen. Je bent meteen onderdeel van de club! Ik wil solliciteren


"*" geeft vereiste velden aan

Wie ben je en hoe kunnen we je bereiken?

Laat maar eens zien wat je kunt

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Belangrijk voor deze functie

Are you living in The Netherlands

  • Heb je vragen of interesse?

    Ons Talent Team helpt je graag verder via [email protected]. Een open sollicitatie is ook altijd welkom!

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